Become a Powergrip Sport Ambassador


Have ever dreamed of running your own business? If so, then option 1 is perfect for you.

We know how hard, expensive and stressful it is to start a business from scratch. Here at Powergrip Sport we have decided to put together a program to help you jump straight into a ‘ready made’ company.

What we are looking for is an army of ambassadors to help us raise our brand awareness. This is an extremely exciting opportunity for anyone who has ever considered owning their own business.

Ambassadors will be required to sell our products directly to customers and also corporate companies. They will be selling their own stock by visiting shows, events and sports competitions in their region. To help boost their sales they will also be asked to sell our products in bulk by approaching businesses and demonstrating the quality of Powergrip Sport.

We have put together the ‘Option 1’ Package for candidates who wish to work for themselves full-time. This will include purchasing your stock from us, referring your wholesale orders and also promoting Powergrip Sport as a brand.

For Option 1, there is a set up fee of £1000.

Whats Included?
  • Point of sale marketing materials for events (Flyers, Banners, Bags, Hoodies etc)
  • Samples of all products
  • Permission to use the Powergrip Sport name and logo
  • A unique discount code for our website.
  • Full support from the Powergrip Team
  • Updates on recommended events in your area
  • Wholesale Price List
  • Marketing materials for Gyms, Shops & Sports Clubs (Posters, Pens, Mugs etc)
  • Exclusive updates about new products
  • Access to a price list of marketing materials
  • Access to our graphic designer
  • Shoutouts via Social Media. We love to keep track of your success and we love to brag about it.
  • OUR REPUTATION. We are known for high quality products and we aim to keep it that way.



Do you have a passion for sports and looking to make an extra income? We have put together a program to help sports people and part-time workers work some extra cash. ‘Option 2’ is a commission based program which allows you to earn money in exchange for promoting our products and receiving orders.

What we are looking for is sports enthusiasts that have good sales techniques who are happy to approach businesses such as gyms & sports clubs in order secure an order.

It will be your duty to contact all clubs and business in your region that may be interested in Powergrip sport products. You will then need to visit your clients and develop a relationship with them as you will be there first point of call. You will show them samples of each product and talk them through prices etc. Once you have secured your first order with them, it will then be your job to contact them regularly to see if they would like to place a repeat order.

You will receive a percentage of every order placed so once you’ve developed relationships with everyone in your area, you can give them a call once a month and start earning money from just making phone calls.

For option 2, there is a small fee of £250 to get started.

Whats Included?
  • Starter pack (Business Cards, Flyers and a Hoodie or T-shirt)
  • Samples of every product
  • wholesale price list
  • Support from the Powergrip Sport Team
  • Access to extra marketing materials should you need them (charges apply)
  • Permission to use the Powergrip Sport name and logo